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Nike Aeroreact Technology – Golf Wear


Nike is known for their developments in clothing technology and their latest range continues this work.  Called the Aeroreact Technology, it is being utilised in their new range of polo shirts as well as mid layer items.  But what does it do for the golfer?

The research

Nike Golf has always prided themselves on being one of the key innovators in sportswear for golf and many other sports.  Their aim is to improve and adapt their clothing ranges to offer the best for professional and amateur sports people as well as specialist technology for different sports – with golf being one of their most important ranges.

Why Aeroreact is different

At the heart of the technology is a bi-component yarn that allows the fabric to open its structure as the wearer sweats more.  This has the effect of increasing airflow and also helping moisture to evaporate quicker.  The balancing effect of the technology makes for better thermos-regulation – you cool down in warm conditions and keep warm in cool ones so a steady body temperature is maintained.

The Aeroreact fabric follows the body’s natural response to changes in temperature.  The body opens pores and allows sweat to escape to cool down when exercising.  Therefore, the fabric mimics this behaviour, allowing golfers to stay cool and comfortable but also to keep dry and then warming the body up if the situation requires it.


How it works on the course

So that’s the science, but how does this apply in practical terms while on the golf course?  Golfers know that the more you exert yourself, your body works to cool itself, optimising performance and comfort.  This new range of clothing follows suit, allowing you to remain focused on your game and not concerned with adding and removing layers of clothing to compensate for body temperature.

Over the course of a round, temperature and weather conditions can change and the flexibility of the Aeroreact fabric means that you can wear the same clothes and have it compensate for this.  So rather than adding a jacket when the sun vanishes behind a cloud then taking it off again when it reappears, the fabric simply compensates.

Items in the range

Currently, Nike has released a range of golf polo shirts using the new technology and a range of mid layer items are due for release early this year.  All of them make use of the clever thermos-regulation capabilities of the fabric while remaining comfortable to wear and stylish.  The clothing helps players of all levels get the most from their game without constantly needing to alter and amend their golf clothing, focusing all their attention on their gameplay instead.

What to Consider Before Buying Your Running Trainers

Now, if you really want to be found at the top of the jogging and running game, it is crucial that you invest in a pair of running trainers. In fact, if you get the correct pair, then you will be among the top in your game. However, this is not an easy task because you must look beyond the colour and the design of the shoes. Selecting the right running trainers must be done patiently and consciously, especially if this is your first time to go shopping for a pair.

Because running exerts much pressure on the ankles, knees, legs, and feet, it is important that you purchase the appropriate shoes that will be comfortable, as well as protective. Do not put much weight on the price of the shoes because most brands, which are not expensive, do great on the field. The following are some factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of discount running trainers here.

The Plantar Pressure

The sole of your shoes should receive the plantar pressure very well. In fact, the soles must be able to negate this pressure. So, you should fit your foot into the shoe to make sure that you feel comfortable.

The Level of Comfort for Your Feet

When selecting the shoes, make sure you allow an allowance of approximately 1 inch between the end of the shoe and your toes. You can try jogging to see if the shoes fit you, especially on the sides, and to be sure that the edges of the entrance do not scratch your skin.

The Cushions of the Soles

The sole’s cushioning must be in a position to absorb jogging or running, including your running speed, the distance you will cover, and your weight.

Understand Over-Pronation and Pronation

Running shoes always go through biomechanics. Biomechanics refers to the way your feet responds as you run. So, it is important to understand what over-pronation and pronation mean before buying the running shoes.

Finally, if you take time to select the correct shoes for your running exercise, then the time you will spend while training in those running trainers will be worth your money.

Perfecting Martial Arts Learning with Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Martial arts are not only to sharpen the state of one’s physical and mental abilities in overcoming greater forces. It is also about being the state of mind. Muay Thai is a way of life and one that is highly valued in Thailand. To learn from the best gurus, why not travel down to the Land of the Free and spend this year’s summer learning a profound experience. The muay thai training is conducted in private lessons of both small groups or individually. To result in the best feel free to request for individual training with a personal trainer. There are two options of packages to choose from. The training with accommodation costing11.000 Baht for both and lasting up to 1 month. For training sessions only you are expected to pay 9.000 Baht, with accommodation outside the training compound. 

Muay thai

Further information can be found at Muaythai-Thailand.com where you can also note their contact details. With training experience of over 25 years for both foreign students and of Thai nationality, you can expect a training experience you will never forget. Like learning how to ride a bike or swim, through the years don’t fade. Martial arts as is aforementioned, is a way of life. The training site is located at the heart of Thailand’s cultural hub where you can also engage and take part in daily activities as a local or simply indulge in the beauty of Phuket. The team is supported by friendly staff and is more than ready to make the best out of your stay. Whether you have had martial art training skills in the past or are coming to this training camp to learn from zero, they will make sure you return home as a pro.

Martial arts of Thailand is not only a boxing match contending boxers against each other, it is also a fundamental process of heightening awareness and confidence. The training facility is completed with a boxing ring where matches take place. These matches invite not only Muay Thai boxers from the team but also from all around. Meet others from all over the world, like Australia, America Europeans and Asians that travel all the way to Thailand to enjoy what the country has to offer. With the summer coming up and flight tickets increasing in price, why not book right away for a wonderful experience for Muay Thai training? Register today and the team will respond to your submission of details right away.

Cost Effective Outdoor Sporting Goods

Outdoor activities in essence only require will and passion to come face to face with mother-nature. However for a pleasurable experience equip yourself with devices or tools that will help you make your way or get the best of the experience. For Outdoor Sporting Goods visit this webpage and be amazed at the rates they come in. All this time you may have thought of outdoor sports as extreme and costly, this team will make you change your mind. If you are an athlete or outdoor activity enthusiast this store has all that you need to fulfill your plan.

Outdoor Sporting Goods

Name anything you have at the back of your mind. Bikes, boats, RVs, Scooters as well as its plenty of options of accessories, motor cycles and UTVs? This is the place where you’ll find all you need. When you reach your camping spot in the meadows or by the lake, why not take a short tour through the woods and see what you can find in the nature with your bike? The Adventure Six-Speed Folding Bike is offered at 169.99$ after being reduced from 229.99$ and will be sent to your home at only 9.00$!

Folding bikes are always the pleasant camping equipment, easy to take out, easy to use and easy to fold in before storing again. Load them into the corner of your car or RVs for they won’t take up any space. As a height-adjustable bike, everyone can take in turns to take a short trip while you’re out and about! Adjust the handlebars as well as the seats too. The bikes they offer here come in plenty of other types for sure. Hence look around and complete accessories that you don’t yet have, appliances that you’ve always been looking for and sporting goods that will complete the experience!

How Balance Affects Golf Swing

Learning to play golf is an exciting experience. During the first 20-30 hours, your game will improve a huge amount. The feeling of consistently improving is one that is hard to beat. Of course, to improve without learning bad habits is certainly going to be difficult. One of the best ways to combat bad habits is to use a golfing instructor. They will enable you to get to grips with the basics. They will be able to identify exactly what you are doing wrong and will be able to offer you help and advice until these problems develop into bad habits.

One of the most important parts of golf is balance. If you don’t have balance, then you don’t really have anything. You can have the strength to drive, or the patience and accuracy to chip and put. Without having the correct balance, these efforts are going to be sub-par. You might not even notice that you are 1-2mm out, but over the course of 100 yards, this 1-2mm makes a lot of difference.

What you need to do is focus on being balanced at all time. If balance is the only thing that you are struggling with, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Every time you execute a move, keep asking yourself questions. Is your posture right? Have you adjusted to simply get a more powerful swing? Is your swing smooth? These are problems that a lot of golf players have. They claim to be able to drive a certain distance, but they are not able to do so with accuracy. They compromise their accuracy in order to make that extra distance. In fact, they would be better holding their balance and being accurate!

If you are really struggling with balance and accuracy, it might be worth speaking to a tutor again and just focusing on this part of the game. Generally, a golfing instructor will charge around £25 for 30 minutes. This might seem expensive, but within 30-60 minutes, they should have helped you enough in order for you to improve your game dramatically; it is a small price to pay for such great help.

This tip is provided by those at the Vale, a luxurious four star resort in South Wales. Visit their website to find out about Golf Breaks At The Vale and their Spa.