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Nike Aeroreact Technology – Golf Wear


Nike is known for their developments in clothing technology and their latest range continues this work.  Called the Aeroreact Technology, it is being utilised in their new range of polo shirts as well as mid layer items.  But what does it do for the golfer?

The research

Nike Golf has always prided themselves on being one of the key innovators in sportswear for golf and many other sports.  Their aim is to improve and adapt their clothing ranges to offer the best for professional and amateur sports people as well as specialist technology for different sports – with golf being one of their most important ranges.

Why Aeroreact is different

At the heart of the technology is a bi-component yarn that allows the fabric to open its structure as the wearer sweats more.  This has the effect of increasing airflow and also helping moisture to evaporate quicker.  The balancing effect of the technology makes for better thermos-regulation – you cool down in warm conditions and keep warm in cool ones so a steady body temperature is maintained.

The Aeroreact fabric follows the body’s natural response to changes in temperature.  The body opens pores and allows sweat to escape to cool down when exercising.  Therefore, the fabric mimics this behaviour, allowing golfers to stay cool and comfortable but also to keep dry and then warming the body up if the situation requires it.


How it works on the course

So that’s the science, but how does this apply in practical terms while on the golf course?  Golfers know that the more you exert yourself, your body works to cool itself, optimising performance and comfort.  This new range of clothing follows suit, allowing you to remain focused on your game and not concerned with adding and removing layers of clothing to compensate for body temperature.

Over the course of a round, temperature and weather conditions can change and the flexibility of the Aeroreact fabric means that you can wear the same clothes and have it compensate for this.  So rather than adding a jacket when the sun vanishes behind a cloud then taking it off again when it reappears, the fabric simply compensates.

Items in the range

Currently, Nike has released a range of golf polo shirts using the new technology and a range of mid layer items are due for release early this year.  All of them make use of the clever thermos-regulation capabilities of the fabric while remaining comfortable to wear and stylish.  The clothing helps players of all levels get the most from their game without constantly needing to alter and amend their golf clothing, focusing all their attention on their gameplay instead.