Golf on the Silver Screen

Golf has a rich relationship with the screen. The sport has crossed many genres of film from biopics to comedy, and has even played a major part in the spy genre. This year saw the release of Tommy’s Honour, a biopic that told the story of one of golf’s pioneers Tommy Morris. In this post we look at four very different portrayals of golf on the silver screen.

Golf on the Silver Screen

Caddyshack (1980)

Caddyshack comes at the top of most lists when talking about the best films about golf. Film magazine Empire put Caddyshack at the number one spot on their list noting that the chaotic plot was inspired by the actual caddying experiences of the film’s writer, and Bill Murray’s older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray. The film is considered a comedy classic with Bill Murray stealing the film as the gopher hating groundskeeper. An interesting fact is that Murray’s role was only supposed to be a cameo. The director was so impressed with Murray that he asked him to stay longer.

The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

This golf biopic was based on the early life of Francis Ouimet. Ouimet was the first amateur golfer to win the US Open and he is played in the film by Shia LaBeouf. The film accurately shows a period in golf’s history where it was considered a sport purely for the wealthy. Ouimet overcame a great deal of prejudice to become the “father of amateur golf”.

The Greatest Game Ever Played was directed by the late great Bill Paxton. In an interview with film site IGN, Paxton admitted that he had been unaware of the story of Francis Ouimet and that he wanted to show audiences this watershed moment in US golf.

Family Guy (1999 – present)

The obsession that surrounds golf has often been used as material by comedy shows. The popular cartoon Family Guy has had several scenes that poke fun at the sport. One scene in particular will be recognizable to any golfer who has taken a rookie on a golf course for the first time. The scene shows Peter Griffin trying to explain the rules of the game to his wife. Sports news site CBS Sports called it: “ a pretty accurate depiction of how golfers and their significant others, respectively, feel about golf.”

Family Guy is famous for poking fun at popular pastimes. Like golf, the appeal of the program reaches far beyond its origin and it has a mass following across many platforms including online gaming site Slingo who have their own Family Guy slots game. It is fair to say that while Family Guy is much funnier than golf, the sport has a much wider appeal worldwide.

Goldfinger (1964)

Arguably the most iconic golf scene on the silver screen is not from a film about golf, but a James Bond film. Goldfinger, the third Bond in the series, has a famous scene that pits Bond against his enemy Auric Goldfinger on the golf course. Bond memorably beats Goldfinger by using his cheating against him – “strict rules of golf”. Sean Connery is well known for his love of golf. Yet he had very little interest in golf before the filming of Goldfinger. It was only through his preparation for the role that he fell in love with the sport. Connery was 34 when he played Bond in Goldfinger demonstrating that it is never too late to get hooked by golf. His son Jason continued his father’s fascination with golf through directing Tommy’s Honour.

Nike Aeroreact Technology – Golf Wear


Nike is known for their developments in clothing technology and their latest range continues this work.  Called the Aeroreact Technology, it is being utilised in their new range of polo shirts as well as mid layer items.  But what does it do for the golfer?

The research

Nike Golf has always prided themselves on being one of the key innovators in sportswear for golf and many other sports.  Their aim is to improve and adapt their clothing ranges to offer the best for professional and amateur sports people as well as specialist technology for different sports – with golf being one of their most important ranges.

Why Aeroreact is different

At the heart of the technology is a bi-component yarn that allows the fabric to open its structure as the wearer sweats more.  This has the effect of increasing airflow and also helping moisture to evaporate quicker.  The balancing effect of the technology makes for better thermos-regulation – you cool down in warm conditions and keep warm in cool ones so a steady body temperature is maintained.

The Aeroreact fabric follows the body’s natural response to changes in temperature.  The body opens pores and allows sweat to escape to cool down when exercising.  Therefore, the fabric mimics this behaviour, allowing golfers to stay cool and comfortable but also to keep dry and then warming the body up if the situation requires it.


How it works on the course

So that’s the science, but how does this apply in practical terms while on the golf course?  Golfers know that the more you exert yourself, your body works to cool itself, optimising performance and comfort.  This new range of clothing follows suit, allowing you to remain focused on your game and not concerned with adding and removing layers of clothing to compensate for body temperature.

Over the course of a round, temperature and weather conditions can change and the flexibility of the Aeroreact fabric means that you can wear the same clothes and have it compensate for this.  So rather than adding a jacket when the sun vanishes behind a cloud then taking it off again when it reappears, the fabric simply compensates.

Items in the range

Currently, Nike has released a range of golf polo shirts using the new technology and a range of mid layer items are due for release early this year.  All of them make use of the clever thermos-regulation capabilities of the fabric while remaining comfortable to wear and stylish.  The clothing helps players of all levels get the most from their game without constantly needing to alter and amend their golf clothing, focusing all their attention on their gameplay instead.

How to Care For Them – Leather Golf Bags

Leather Golf Bags - How to Care For ThemYou will have always bought the best quality golf gear, drivers, iron, putter and additionally wedges. At this time, you’ve utilized the dive and purchased yourself quite a nice natural leather golf backpack and you prefer to keep the item in good shape. Leather golfing bags do not require a great deal of maintenance but undoubtedly tips to prevent your back pack looking completely new. First you must realize that quite a few leather carriers are constructed from “naked” synthetic leather. “Naked” leather is mostly a dyed leather containing nothing in it to transform the purely natural state of your leather. Because of that, it usually is soft in addition to delicate.

If ones bag is constructed out of “naked” leather it’s advisable that anyone put nothing on their relating to topical systems. If a person does use anything stay with saddle a cleaning agent or mink oil to prevent the wash rag moist and additionally soft. Still, you should be aware of that utilizing even these items to one’s leather back pack could build dark regions. Since “naked” leather is free of finish the item readily absorbs anything used on it. Guarantee that you test a smaller area of the bag earlier than applying just about any significant number of mink gasoline or seat soap. If you happen to happy using the results then you can definitely expand to the larger space but operate slowly and even cautiously.

You now may end up being wondering where you turn to prevent your golf case looking cutting edge. First, keep on it nice and clean. You will need to dust a person bag by using a dry very soft cloth constructed with cotton or possibly microfibers. Subsequently, store ones leather bag within the cool place and that is also advice for this clubs that happen to be inside the bag! Don’t go away a leather-based bag inside trunk to your car intended for weeks during the time. Finally, just allow the natural oils within the leather case do your job involving keeping that bag rainy and flexible. Leather the game bags are most effective carry your own clubs. When properly maintained a leather-based golf tote should having a lifetime involving golfing entertainment. In component, leather the game of golf bags supply luxury, quality and layout.

Inside the Official Site of the Golf Tournament – Ryder Cup Accommodation

Ryder Cup Accommodation - Inside the Official Site of the Golf TournamentLive show – This year’s Ryder Goblet is organized in Celtic Manor Destination, Newport, Wales for the 38th edition on this remarkable sport that is definitely also considered to be very stunning and classy in her performing. Seen also since the epitome on the greatest cultures ever linked to international having competitions, golf journey is tried every 2 yrs. by primary professionals caused by Europe and U. s .. These boys are to ensure the spectators of a most renowned show unfolded before their big eyes. The event will likely be worldwide showed, but continue to nothing even compares to the breathtaking view made available from a “live” functionality unrolled before your big eyes.

Online selections – As a new golf fan you’ll definitely want to consider your thoughts and conscience the joy of paying attention to closely that unfolding of this kind of impressive outdoor activity event. In this kind of respect you’ll be eager to uncover what could be the options for the purpose of Ryder Drink accommodation. Many of them are obtainable online just for this golf competition. The most suitable choice one features is browsing online for the proper accommodation in which suits her needs together with his finance possibilities. The state site on the golf journey – The earliest site that you find is the state site for the golf see which comprises many of the necessary information in connection with the Ryder Hole 2010 such as hospitality any particular one might seek out while making your reservation for the lottery tickets and reaching to the teams which have been supposed to make sure you compete. The food page of the official web-site delivers data, packages, and applications and get hold of details with the ones considering finding various methods of the overnight accommodation. One selection displays a fabulous Ryder Tumbler package ideal for corporate friends.

The Kid welly Bedrooms – The Kid welly Suites are for sale to 50 company offering striking views on the shots and in the action revolving within the golf training. The Kid welly suites include air conditioning together with heating alternatives, 2 TELLY screens, phone lines, protection control, in addition to parking spaces while using the possibility on the preferred VIP auto parking. The Ryder Goblet 2010 overnight accommodation includes lunch break buffet, lunch using 3 tutorials served with a few of the finest bottles of wine, a free bar and additionally afternoon green teas. The American Suite – The American Suite is really a Ryder tumbler package that has exclusive food for Au Golf Loved ones, meaning this members on the PGAs with Europe, the European Course Owners Links and Au members on the International Golfing Federation include the ones to profit by this exclusive package. The actual accommodation involves breakfast buffet, lunch composing of 3 courses beside fine bottles serving in addition to parking spots.

Gifts of Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament GiftsActively playing golf tournament gifts are certainly something consider if that you are producing an important golf tournament at your local golf iron. This is particularly true for everybody who is planning to have repeat tournaments in your coming months or quite a few years. Generally custom golf match gifts not to mention prizes are made prior, during and searching for golf match. Custom brand golf tees are made as actively playing golf tournament gift each player at tournament sign-up and number. This is usually a practical the game of golf tournament gift to use each day of the tournament. Many golf tournament gifts which include logo world of golf tees are generally underwritten by sponsors just who place. Sponsors will frequently be alter glad for getting exposure to people that will spend money on the product ranges.

Additional tennis tournament gifts and prizes are made during the golf tournament. These are usually awarded as a result of holes won, longest drive or holes of hospitality attire. Special contests are generally held amongst rounds say for example 40 shoe putting contest where the winner receives a large prize. Companies that are known for hosting the game tournaments repeatedly have made special occurrences that attribute $2500 to $10, 000 prizes to your winner. Sponsors will usually underwrite an outstanding portion on the events with the help of appropriate promoting. Golf match gifts and prizes say for example package involving Titlist tennis balls or the Calloway driver are standard types for gifts granted at best suited points during the tournament. These are all practical gift ideas that any golfer incorporates the use of in the golf game. Additional merchandise and cash payouts include apparel with which has the contest logo in addition of your sponsors. To select from, towels, refrigerators, travel carriers and golf umbrellas are very great to look at.

Golf competition gifts and prizes that will be given as well as awarded within tournament end will comprise the event winners. Added with the winners could be at very least a sport of golf tournament gift towards first top finishers. Some competitions award a great gift to all player whichever their score. These prizes are usually as simple being three packages of logo golf balls. This will surely increase a participation of this next the sport of golf tournament. Occasionally golf tournament sellers feature good sized cash products or prizes or travel plans to excellent golf areas like St Andrews as well as Costa del Sol around Spain. Sponsor response will pinpoint the limit of that prize by how much they will underwrite. Most worlds of golf tournament participants have some chance of making a hole of hospitality attire on from either of the par 3 openings. The hole of hospitality attire golf tournament gift and also prize is another great draw for a tournament.